K35 5AX

Product Description
  • High cutting rigidity with Gantry structure design.
  • Compact design lessfloor occupation.
  • Cutting area isolateion to ensure the transmission system life longer and easier to install linear scale.
  • High efficiency servo drive ATC system, C-C(T1-T2) only 4 sec., with high stable performance.
  • ATC install at the center of basement to reduce the width of othe machine to save the walking steps to loading & unloading workpiece.
  • Y axis linear guide with chromate finish and anti-rusty treatment, with two pieces wipers to pevent chips to affect accuracy.
  • Could have single C axis 350mm, two heads C axis 250mm or 105mm with four C axis; Integrated radial & axial bearing design to enhance accuracy.
Product Feature

Standard accessories
  • Spindle air blow device
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Dual-color LED alarm light
  • TFT LCD monitor
  • Spindle oil/air mist lubrication system (Built-in spindle -standard,for others - optional)
  • Chip flushing system
  • Coolant system
  • Chiller (Spindle speed 12000/15000/2000rpm-standard)
  • Hydraulic unit(5AX-standard, for others-option)
  • Chip coolecting tray and coolant tank
  • Work light
  • Automatice lubrication system
  • Tool kits and tools
Optional accessories
  • High speed spindle upgrade (12K/15k/20K build-in)
  • Spindle motor power upgrade
  • Coolant through spindle
  • SK-40,CAT-40 Magazine & Spindle
  • NBT40,BBT40 Spindle
  • Three axis linear scale
  • A/C axis scale
  • Chip conveyor: Chain/Scraper/Filter type
  • Automatic door
  • Automatic tool length measurement with breaking detection
  • Air conditioner for electonic cabinet
  • Transformer; Voltage regulator
  • Coolant gun / Air gun
  • 4th/5th axis rotary table
  • Work table lower 100mm
Product Specification
Machine Specifications
Model   K35 5AX
X Axis mm 700
Y Axis mm 450
Z Axis mm 420
A AXIS mm -30~+120
C AXIS mm 360
Table to Spindle Nose mm 150~570
Table Size mm C axis Φ350
Max.Load  kgs 100(Horizontal)/70(vertical)
T-Slot mm 12H7x4x90∘
Max. work area mm 350X300L
Spindle taper   BT# 40 HSK A50 HSK A63
Pull studs   MAS-403-45 - -
Speed rpm 10000
Transmission mm Direct Drive
Magazine capacity   22 30 22
Dirve type   Servo Drive
Taper mm 7/24 NO:40
Max Tool Weight   4 3 4
Max Tool Diameter mm 100 80 100
Max Tool Length mm 300
Atc Time(C-C/T1-T2) sec. 4
Rapid Speed G00) M/min 48/48/48
Cutting feedrate (G01) mm/min 10000
X-Axis kw 3.0(Mitsubishi) / 3.0(Fanuc)
Y-Axis kw 3.0(Mitsubishi) / 3.0(Fanuc)
Z-Axis kw 3.0(Mitsubishi) / 3.0(Fanuc)
Spindle kw 7.5/5.5
W x D x H  cm 1720x3200x2950
Net Weight kgs 6600

NC Specifications
  Mitsubishi  Fanuc 
  M80-VB M80-VA M830S 0i-MF(P3) 0i-MF(P1)
Max. Controlled Axes 9 11 16 6 9
Max. Simultaneous Axes 4 4 4 4 4
Program Storage Length 512K 512K 512K 512K 512K
Macro Variables Common 700 700 700 700 700
Tool Offset Sets 400 400 400 400 400
Simplified programming function
Display 8.4" TFT LCD 10.4" TFT LCD 8.4" TFT LCD
Display language selection 
Memory Card Front-Loading
High Speed And Accuracy Machining Code SSS G05.1 Q1


  A B C
K35 5AX 1720 3200 2950
* All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.