Established in 2006, Trident is located at Chang-Hua City. The company occupied an area of about 5,000 square meters with 50 employees. Since the company established, we have dedicated ourselves in design and manufacturing of CNC machine tools and promoting our brand name “TRIDENT”. At Trident, we have extensive experience in R&D design and manufacturing of CNC machining centers, quality control, sales and service. We have an outstanding team for R&D, service and business. With the consistent quality and high performance machines. Trident machines have been sold to worldwide market including some industrialized countries, such as U.S.A. , Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary , Poland , Germany , France , England, Belarus, Holland , Spain ,Turkey, Brazil , South Africa, Israel, Argentina , Australia, Malaysia , Thailand and China, Vietnam, etc.
  • COMPANY PHILOSOPHY: Always do the best based on the concepts of sincerity and dedication. Committed to research the precision technology of CNC machining center, upgrade entire, performance and upgrade Taiwan competition capabilities.

  • RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Research and development is the foundation of Trident’s success while continuous R&D is the driving force for Trident’s growth. We have heavily invested in R&D combined with the use of sophisticated inspection instrument to conduct precision manufacturing processes. This also ensures high accuracy of Trident machines. We develop machines to meet customer’s expectations and maintain superior quality. In addition, we also constantly offer new models to meet market demands.

  • FUTURE VISION: Trident always strives hard for maintaining its high quality reputation and continuous innovation. With our accumulated experience in R&D and manufacturing of CNC machining center, we set up the company’s growth strategy and goal for aggressively expending the business territory. Furthermore, we will provide the most professional technological support and service. Our objective is to ensure our business perpetuity.